Friday night, we enjoyed a Texas Western Dinner Buffet.  Our Mistress of Ceremony, Renee, welcomed everyone to the beaut
Friday night, we enjoyed a Texas Western Dinner Buffet. Our Mistress of Ceremony, Renee, welcomed everyone to the beautiful city of San Antonio. We enjoyed dinner, dancing and family trivia. Friday was the opening night of our silent auction. Let the bidding begin!
The Monroe-Cheek Family Reunion held in San Antonio, TX, July 2009, was a huge success.  The event had a total of 94 registered participants.  The Hyatt Riverwalk and the Hilton Palacios provided excellent service that helped create fond memories for years to come.  The San Antonio Riverwalk played host for many meals, dancing and riverboat entertainment. 

We celebrated Friday morning with a continental breakfast at the Hilton Palacios to get the day started.  Friday evening we returned to the Hilton for the first of two great meals.  Saturday was filled with time for area attractions, shopping, touring of famous places and drinking lots of beverages to stay cool.   Everything was within a "stone's throw" of our hotel.  Saturday evening we were treated to another Texas size meal.  The whole family was entertained by a Texas Mariaches Trio.

There were also prizes and Texas souvenirs given away both nights with donations for gifts given by several companies.  We decided to include a silent auction and a 50/50 raffle, which yielded over $200 going forward to our next family reunion in Atlanta, GA 2012. 

The host committee of Renee and Gail would like to thank all family members for their help and support for making this reunion a huge success.  There are many memorable photographs on the Photo Album page of the reunion website.  Enjoy!

Lots of Love,

Renee and Gail


Renee and Gail had in store some very cool meet and greet activities for the weekend.  Several family members were adorned with glow bracelets upon entering the evening festivities.  They were then asked to share at least four things about themselves.  To highlight a couple ....

Jayden shared that he was from Boston, MA.  He has two brothers and one sister.  This was his first time visiting San Antonio.   Jayden's mom is Pam and his mom is a twin. 

Cheryl shared that she has one brother and four sisters. Perry and Rannieta are her parents.  She has a new nephew, Alex who was born on October 16th, 2008.  She visited Dubaii this summer.  Her "best man" is her Dad.  Cheryl also wants us all to Think Big. 



Ralph shared with the family some interesting facts about the great state of Texas.  Did you know ....  ?

  • Texas has had 89 - 100 degree days this year
  • This year there have been 29 days over 100 degrees
  • Austin is the capitol of Texas
  • Motto:  The Friendship State
  • Flower:  Blue Bonnet
  • 1st Rodeo:  1883
  • Texas is often called the Lonestar State
  • Only state to have flags of six different nations fly over it
  • King Ranch is larger than Rhode Island
  • All rivers empty into the Gulf of Mexico
  • More wool comes from Texas than any other state in the US

Saturday morning began with pictures by the pool.   

Saturday night we were serenaded by aTexas Mariaches Trio.  Throughout the evening we enjoyed some trivia, random search and a game of Family B-I-N-G-O!  Family B-I-N-G-O was a big hit! 

Announcing the winners of the silent auction ...

Serving Trays
Kevin Woodland
Vandora Turner

Folding Luggage Bag
Lamont Rothwell

Blue/Gold Blanket
Patsy Gresham

Western Book Ends
Perry Rothwell

Mexican Market Blanket
Teneen Stewart
Lucinda Rothwell

Breast Cancer Blanket
Glenda Barnes


The evening ended with one last request.  Each family member was asked to complete a contact card.  All cards were collected and redistributed to different family members.  Throughout the next two years each family member was charged to stay in contact with the family member on their chosen card.  Stay in Touch!